Such a deep and lasting richness,
   Comes to those who know the Lord.
Not just dead, religious knowledge,
   But of living love out poured.
Many know the facts and doctrines,
   Blessed are we who know the King,
It is the greatest privilege
   To bring HIM into everything.
What amazing grace and comfort,
   He calls me His child, His friend.
We are joined with Him in Spirit,
   Oneness that will never end.
It’s up-close and personal…
   My life, my truth, my way.
He walks with me and talks with me
   A love that’s here to stay!
After all my years with Jesus,
   I have found more to adore…
More endearing, more attractive,
   Then He ever was before.
So, my friends, Pursue Him daily,
   It is clear to me you’ll find.
Unfailing love, sweet fellowship,  your perfect  Valentine!