Open up the windows of my heart
So, I can see,
Jesus Christ the Lord
In His superiority.

God’s Word is clear that Jesus
Is far above the rest.
He lived the perfect human life,
While passing every test,

Men tried to silence Jesus,
They lied about the Lord,
But when He died upon the cross
The very heavens roared.

The grave could never hold Him.
He rose up from the dead.
Appeared to His disciples,
Exactly as He said.

Yes, Christ is better, He is higher,
Than all other things.
He’s the alpha and omega,
He’s the King of Kings.

And so dear Lord, we’re thankful that
From heaven to us You came.
And opened up the windows of our heart
To praise Your Holy Name.

Oh, Hallelujah, thank You Lord,
We can’t begin to tell,
How wonderful, How great You are
Our Lord, Emanuel.