He’s my light in the darkness,
My path and my guide,
The One I can count on
To be on my side.

He’s the strength in my weakness,
My hope and my friend,
My joy and salvation
Who loves without end.

He’s the alpha, omega,
My poem and my song.
In Him I am hiding,
To Him I belong.

He’s my Kinsman Redeemer,
My Shepherd so sweet;
He sought me and bought me;
I’m one of His sheep.

He’s my rest and my story,
My life and my sight,
My grace and my glory,
My endless delight!

He’s a feast in my famine,
He’s my daily bread,
My one satisfaction,
In Him I am fed.

He’s my sunshine who warms me,
My source and supply.
In Him I’m not anxious,
On Him I rely.

He’s the One who will answer
Whenever I call.
He’s everything to me,
He’s my all in all!